Done! #64 on My List

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  Several days ago my friend Kimmie (who also has her own 101 in 1001 list said that I had already done #64 which is Influence a person to make their own Day Zero List.   I hadn’t even thought about her being inspired, since I saw us as doing the project together.   I still had plans to  mark it ‘Done’ on my list but hadn’t had the opportunity. 

My friend Maggie has also decided to add this to her ‘to do’ list, and since she’s also very creative- I’m looking forward to seeing what she comes up with.   I have to say- that I’m really enjoying the fact that this list is going to require me to do some thinking outside of the box, along with planning.  

This is a ‘fun’ project, but I also consider it a tool to help me grow as a human being.  I’m curious how my views will change (if at all) after completeing the 1001 things.

One Response to “Done! #64 on My List”

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