Sunday we celebrated “Friendsgiving” with a few friends.  One couple and their adorable children, plus the husband of a friend of ours.  She’s visiting her family and he was ‘home alone’, so we thought he would enjoy spending the day with us eating good food, laughing and playing games.   He felt that he would also, and said YES to joining us.  Roses

Even though I wasn’t feeling my optimum self, we still had a wonderful time and the food was delicious.   I brought several dishes and the hostess also made several dishes and it was more than enough to feed our very small crowd.   Plus we all had leftovers, which is always a huge plus in my book when it comes to Thanksgiving.    I’m grateful for these friends, plus my other friends both here and back ‘home’.   Life is better when shared with friends.

Martijn surprised Bobbi and I both with a huge bouquet of flowers each.  The photo is a shot of my flowers-   and is one of my favorite bouquets to receive of all time.  I love the white roses with the red ornamental peppers-   There’s something about the pop of color that makes me happy every single time I look at them.

How did you spend your Thanksgiving?

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