Marcel and I spent a few days away earlier in the week and on the first day we were gone, we arrived at our hotel to find that the ground was covered in white.  It wasn’t snow, but a heavy frost that stayed all day (with the exception of where the sun shined directly on it), and it was absolutely breathtaking.

I was able to grab a few photos before the sun went down, and my intention was to get up early the next morning and to visit some of the hiking trails and take a few more shots of the beautiful area and frost.    Unfortunately the blue skies were replaced with grey and during the night the frost had melted, leaving behind the magic of the frost.

Since I grew up in the Deep South and a white Christmas is almost unheard of,  I dream every year of having a White Christmas.   Since moving I’ve had one twice in the last fourteen years, plus I had one once when I lived in Williamsburg, but that’s all.    It’s beautiful, peaceful and filled with magic and I’d love one this year.    I know I’m not the only one, and I also know with snow comes road hazards, but Let it snow! Let it Snow!   If only for a day!

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