Getting Organized

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It’s hard for me to believe that we are in the last week of the first month of 2017 and it seems like a huge blur.   When I look back, I can’t figure out where the month has gone, and I also can’t figure out what I’ve done this past month, although I know that I’ve accomplished more than my mind first thinks of.

I’ve been in the process of reorganizing my business supplies and finding a better way to utilize the space that I have.    At times- I wish I had more space or at least a professional organizer, but since I don’t- I’m making the most of researching containers to store things in and creating a better system to keep everything much more organized.

I know having photo props, event items, plus cake pans, fondants, cookie cutters, and ingredients all labeled and organized by season and so forth will make life SO much easier for me when it comes to creating-    I also love beautiful packaging, so I’ve got an ever growing supply of ribbon as well.  I love it though :)

What are your favorite tips for organizing supplies?    Any favorite product ideas you’d like to share? I’d love to hear about them!

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