Happy February

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Day three of the second month of the year and I heard through the grapevine that we’ll be getting six more weeks of winter as Mister Phil saw his shadow.     Quite truthfully-  aside from the grey days and a few days of really cold weather, we haven’t seen ‘that’ much winter, so I wouldn’t mind a bit of snow.

I know-   my summer-loving friends are cursing me under their breath about right now, wondering how I could dare wish for such a thing when there are sunnier skies and warmer weather to be had.    I am a love-all-seasons kind of girl, and I do love the coziness or hygge of the winter months.   I’ve been getting some writing projects done, working on various organizing projects, plus work has been keeping me busy as well.  Add the social activities and life has a good buzz happening.

What about you?  Do you prefer the hustle and bustle of Summer or the coziness of Winter?



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