Spring Cometh

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Even though there is still quite a chill to the air, and with today’s rain it’s downright cold- I can see signs of Spring everywhere.  I’ve been getting out a lot to try to get in more daily exercise and the crocus are starting to bloom, daffodils are blooming, plus I’m seeing life in the forms of new growth on the trees and shrubs that have been bare for quite some time.   It brings me joy.    Something I hear people asking quite a lot is what a persons favorite season is.

I am someone who fully loves each season for all that it has to share.  I see each one as a gift and when they start to ‘unwrap’, it is always a great source of joy for me.

The daylight hours are getting longer each day and that in itself brings me a lot of joy.   It seems like a time of new beginnings, change, and possibilities.

What brings you joy?

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