Research for Friends

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I was visiting with a friend a few weeks ago and he wanted my opinion on something. He knows that I am one to do research when it comes to online shopping- so I usually am fully informed as to what’s out there before I make a purchase. Because of that- he asked me what I thought about http://www.musiciansfriend.com/pro-audio/alesis-io4-4-channel-24-bit-recording-interface. I love helping people and being able to give an opinion, especially when it’s something that I ‘know’ about- but since I don’t know much about purchasing musical equipment, I told him I’d have to do some research and get back to him. Does anyone ever have that with friends? Thankfully he was excited that I would be willing to do the work for him- so that’s how I’m spending part of my Sunday.

What are y’all up to?

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