Self Care and Dentistry

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Growing up I was no stranger to the dentist after falling and breaking my two front teeth. As children and adults, it is so important to have dentists like Powell Dentist who not only offer great services, but also offer a feeling of compassion and understanding for the client, who may feel nervous, anxious or even scared. Having professional services by people who care, make all the difference in the total experience.

I don’t think anyone jumps for joy at the idea of visiting the dentist, but knowing that you will be met with a smile, a kind word, plus get the care you need, creates a positive experience rather than something to dread.

Since my own dental experience as a child was so positive, I grew up not being fearful of the dentist and also knowing it was someone I could trust to give me the professional care for my teeth that I required. From the regular cleanings, to crown work, referrals to the orthodontist, tooth extractions (when my mouth was too small to accommodate all of my permanent teeth, to the occasional cavity- I always knew that I was going to be heard and would be given the proper treatment for whatever I may need.

Those early experiences had such a positive role in my life, that as a teenager I became a dental assistant for several years, before deciding to change my career path and move towards something different. Even to this day though, when others moan and groan about going to see the dentist- I take it in stride, as I know that I’m getting the best care possible.

What about you? How do you feel about going to the dentist? When is the last time you went? I don’t know about you- but for me, it’s time to make a routine appointment.

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