Hint of Fall- in August?

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Hey y’all- It has been a while. Life has been going at its usual fast pace and I’m yet to find the balance that I need to manage work, blogging, social and everyday life stuff. I’ve decided that it’s about time to work on a schedule that will work best for me- Something that will give me more structure to be able to get things done that I want to get done.

I have created schedules but they aren’t with everything and I need something that has everything- work-exercise- social- etc..

In the meantime- I’ve started to detect a hint of Fall in the air. I know some people may not recognize it- but the air has shifted. The feel is different, crisper, cooler. It’s my favorite feel. I’m excited for the Fall and all that comes with it. It brings me joy.

In the meantime- I’ll continue to enjoy the beauty that summer has given us. After all- my tomatoes are just starting to get ripe.

What are you feeling joyous about as we head into the weekend?

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