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Work has had me really busy the last months and while I am extremely grateful for that- I also know that some things have lost priority in life- one of those things being this space. In the midst of April, not long before Easter, my computer also decided to have a mind of its own and passed away an untimely death- so it’s been in the shop since it was under warranty.

I saw this morning that the repair has been made- but what exactly was wrong with it- I still have NO idea. Hopefully I’ll receive it this week and I’ll have more of an idea of what happened and also if I need to purchase an extended warranty to keep myself protected. It isn’t exactly what I want to do, but since this computer went haywire I don’t want to be without protection.

I am making some big changes in my life- which is going to also mean re-prioritizing life in general & that should mean more time for blogging, as well as other things.

Live continues to move at a quick pace- vacation planning in the making along with so much else. What’s up with you?

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