New Year- The Hum of Life

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My last post back in September talked about how I felt that I was on the cusp of something different- about how I wanted to make a change but was unsure to take the leap- Not long after that, I began to implement change- that only in reflection I realize.

First, I was bitten by a cat- Yes- a cat. Not my cat, mind you- but a cat at a car dealership where we were taking our car for maintenance work. That resulted in a tetanus shot, a round of antibiotics and a lot of lectures from well meaning people about petting cats I don’t know. I ignore that advice, because to know me is to know how much I love cats and since you can generally tell when they are agitated and avoid an attack- I don’t feel the need to ignore cats. This one- gave no warning, but I’m fairly certain it was in heat, but I digress. The bite was nasty, but thanks to modern medicine, I didn’t have any nasty infections to accompany the painful bite.

It was in the days of antibiotics that I took a trip to the Apple store and stood there for thirty minutes trying to decide if I wanted to spend the money and buy the latest Apple Watch. I had the cash in hand, from birthday and other money I had saved, and I have an iPhone and a couple of iPads- but the idea of spending that much money on a watch that wasn’t the Movado watch I’ve wanted since they came out or to udpate my vintage Gucci watch seemed quite crazy. So I stood there trying on watches- and thinking about the intention behind WHY I wanted that watch.

I’m a firm believer that intention behind every choice we make says a lot- and my only intent was to use it as a tool to motivate me to move more- I am very visual and those Red, Green and Blue rings, plus the gentle reminders motivate me, or that was my intention when I finally decided to make the purchase.

Since then- I have closed every single ring- with the exception for the first couple of days when I was still on antibiotics and one day when I missed my activity ring by 2 minutes simply because I got so tied up in a project I was working on that I forgot- which was a lesson to me to make sure I get my activity done first thing in the morning- so I can’t forget.

SO that is how change started- I would love to say that I’ve made massive changes, but I haven’t as of yet- I spent the entire holiday season with family indulging a lot, but I kept on moving.

I signed up to be part of a 5k mud run for breast cancer awareness with friends in September of this year- so that’s another motivator for me- Its a step outside of my comfort zone, but at the same time- it’s also something to work towards.

This space- which has been unused or hap-hazardly used will be a space where I write about things I love in regards to my health and well being. One of the things I missed most last year- was writing. It fell to the wayside when life kept me so busy, but it’s time to get back to that.

So expect to see a lot more from me and I hope you’ll follow along on the journey.

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